See The Best Of UK While Wandering Through These Top Cities

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The United Kingdom is the country defined by a colorful history, stunning architecture, winding streets, and nature that can amaze anyone. We all know about the beautiful cities like Glasgow or Bath that are already loved by the tourists. But, here is the list of some of the best cities to visit in the UK. Be it the popular London or lesser-known York, every city will welcome you with open arms! 

1. London - the city of culture and politics 

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Talking about some of the best cities in the UK and not mentioning London on the top is a crime. (Not exactly, but you got my point!) This capital city of England with its Big Ben and London Eye defines the UK. Its rich history, its strict yet diverse culture, and its fantastic combination of food and theater are enough to fascinate any traveler. 

2. Edinburgh - the city where history comes alive

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Edinburgh carries its charm from the lovely amalgamation of the old medieval town and a new neo-classical town. With the Edinburgh Castle dominating the skyline, this capital of Scotland has rightly become one of the top 5 cities in the UK. Be it interesting art-galleries and museums or upbeat shopping streets and bustling nightlife, it has something for every type of tourist. 

3. Bristol - the city of architectural beauty

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Bristol is a city that has its roots spread deep in history. Perched above the River Avon with the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge marking the landscapes, Bristol has become an epitome of natural beauty and architectural wonders. It has thousands of Grade II listed buildings dotting the streets that represent different architectural styles perfectly. Take a walking tour or hop on a bicycle and you will love exploring this city. 

4. Cambridge - the city that is all about education 

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Cambridge, home to the illustrious University of Cambridge, is a city that is undoubtedly one of the best in the UK. Its proximity to London and Silicon Fen is the added benefit that make it popular. Several stunning museum and church buildings located on the banks of winding River Cam add charm to Cambridge. If you can attend one of the many events and festivals that are arranged here, you will fall in love with the buzzing energy. 

5. Oxford - the educational paradise 

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Oxford, aptly nicknamed as the City of Dreaming Spires, casts a magical spell which is hard to resist. There are more than 35 colleges including the famous University of Oxford that adorn the heart of the city. Home to one of the oldest universities in the English speaking world, it has been known as the educational paradise. Explore the ancient structures and lose yourself in history.

6. Belfast - the city with old and new 

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Belfast, the capital of Northern Iceland, is the city with turbulent past and flourishing present. It is the city where famous RMS Titanic was built and it is the city that has Titanic Belfast - a monument and museum with the spectacular architecture. The beautiful building of Belfast City Hall, historic Belfast Castle, and manicured Botanic Gardens make it one of the top cities to visit in the UK. 

7. York - the city of walls 

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York is the city that was established by the Romans. The backdrop of Tork Castle, the cathedral of York Minster, and points of interest like York Dungeon attract tourists from around the world. Of course, you cannot talk about York without mentioning its city walls and cobblestone streets. Wandering around here feels like a fairy-tale! 

Plan a trip to every city in the UK as each one is different from the other!