Wonderful Places In The Philippines With Jaw-Dropping Beauty

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The Philippines, with its more than 7,00 islands, is a country of spectacular beauty. You will get to see nature at its best peeking through white sandy beaches, dense tropical forests, unique geological formations, and turquoise blue ocean. Curious about the sites you can visit to soothe your eyes? Check this list that has pictures of beautiful places in the Philippines! Even seeing these attractions in photos will inspire you to plan a vacation to the Philippines right away!    

1. Coron

media_gallery-2018-12-5-12-1_66278b3bf9831fadb77b07de9b3436cc.jpgImage Source: Wikimedia Commons

Famous for - Diving sites, Shipwrecks, and Coron Island Natural Biotic Area. 

Coron Island, a group of different small islets, is a tropical beauty. Its land is dotted by magnificent limestone karsts and the surrounding water is home to vibrant coral reefs and shipwrecks. Its Barracuda Lake and Kayangan lake attract many with enchanting shades of blue water. Go island hopping or simply lounge on the beach, you will have a great time here. 

2. Batanes 

media_gallery-2018-12-5-12-2_278ce984800fc4598c3360b9874d82d1.jpgImage Source: Flickr.com

Famous for - Sabtang Island, Itbayat Island, and Mount Iraya

Batanes is an archipelago that carries natural and historical heritage at every corner. View from the Basco Lighthouse will take your breath away whereas beauty of Vayang Rolling Hills will soothe your soul. Do not forget to try delicious seafood dishes while you are busy taking in the vistas of the ocean from Diura Fishing Village. 

3. Chocolate Hills

media_gallery-2018-12-5-12-3_0a3cb516148ba0f5fb34ef6fe8a2a3db.JPGImage Source: Wikimedia Commons

Famous for - Hills that look like chocolates, duh!

One of the popular tourist attractions in the Philippines, Chocolate Hills are unique geological formations. More than one thousand round-shaped hills turn brown during the dry season and look as if the landscape is adorned with chocolate mounds. If you can, take a helicopter tour and you will be amazed after seeing the bird’s eye view! 

4. Sagada

media_gallery-2018-12-5-12-4_49d2933e434c932c85fea284b3f67630.jpgImage Source: Maxpixel.net

Famous for - Hanging coffins, Sumaguing Cave, and Bokong & Bomod-ok Falls. 

Sagada is a small town with some of the surreal places to visit in the Philippines. Be it the cave systems with limestone formations or coffins that are dotting the hills from many centuries, everything about Sagada is unbelievable. You will also get a chance to participate in tribal celebrations if you want to soak in the local flavor. 

5. Banaue

media_gallery-2018-12-5-12-5_551e0bb76b4a2df1ee18ce3979a3639c.jpgImage Source: Wikipedia.org

Famous for - sprawling rice terraces.

It is an extraordinary sight to look at the rolling hills that are marked with vast rice terraces while exploring Banaue. Declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered as the eighth wonder of the world by many, these terraces date back to 2,000 years. Take a tour of this municipality and hike around to witness the spectacularly maintained landscapes. 

6. Boracay

media_gallery-2018-12-5-12-6_8256a1ced0ab79c4dd231922d48a3021.jpgImage Source: Flickr.com

Famous for - Post-card perfect beaches, bustling pubs, mouthwatering seafood. 

The island of Boracay is all about beaches and resorts. Its white sandy beaches lined with greenery look picturesque. This island was temporarily closed for 6 months at the beginning of 2018 as the government was trying to restore its natural beauty that was damaged due to tourism. Today, you can visit this beautiful island again, but the rehabilitation work will continue for a couple of years. 

7. Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park 

media_gallery-2018-12-5-12-7_d40b394278dd31ee113199601b44c728.jpgImage Source: Flickr.com

Famous for - Coral reefs and rich marine life. 

One of the best diving sites in the Philippines, Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is the place you must visit. You will get to see the pristine reefs circled by sharks, rays, turtles as well as thousands of other fishes. Do not forget to book a tour in advance as it gets sold out pretty quickly. 

Isn’t it wonderful that every island holds something unique and beautiful for its visitors? Which one are you visiting next?