6 Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Never Be A Fun Traveler

- Jan 03, 2019 - 2.4K Views

We all know US President Donald Trump is not exactly a very enthusiastic person when it comes to traveling. His infamous travel ban being a case in point. (Pun intended. :P) But, even if Trump decides to lift all kinds of travel bans, he will still never be a fun person to travel with. Want to know why? We have several reasons to prove why we think he will actually be the most boring travel companion ever!

Here is what will happen if we are vacationing with Donald Trump - 

1. He will be constantly worried about his private jet

media_gallery-2018-12-28-11-1_fffbf20cefe02a2f06cc1aa961f0dd0b.jpgImage Source: Wikimedia Commons

Like every other rich friend, he will always insist on taking his USD 100 million private jet or ‘T-Bird’ as he fondly calls it. And then he will spend the rest of holiday worrying about keeping it clean and safe. That’s probably understandable but then what if we are supposed to share the fuel price? 

2. He does not know how to handle weather changes

media_gallery-2018-12-28-11-2_297c73a8961937b5d9fe769ee7c46f8a.jpgImage Source: Youtube.com

I think Pitbull’s ‘let it rain over me’ is the song that Donald Trump likes the least. A little rain and he will definitely take a rain check on that much-awaited sightseeing tour. (Just like he skipped the commemoration of WWI memorial at U.S. cemetery in France!)

3. He is not a fan of planned traveling

media_gallery-2018-12-28-11-3_aac4fff1cc533c0e23636abd6aa8cc5e.jpgImage Source: Wikimedia Commons

When we are traveling with Trump, we will be stupid to make any plans. He will probably throw it out of the White House window right away. He likes to go with his gut, and not with a meticulously planned, well-researched itinerary. Because remember, he has a gut and his gut tells him more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell him? 

4. He will ignore his travel companions 

media_gallery-2018-12-28-11-4_1541fff91f028493dc07662337b36d94.jpgImage Source: Youtube.com

Guys, Trump had ignored British royal protocols, had walked in front of Queen Elizabeth and had shown his back to the monarchs. If he can do that, then he is absolutely going to ignore you when you are traveling in a group. 

5. He will be constantly worried about his hair 

media_gallery-2018-12-28-12-5_26f43ffabc171fbfb3fbf70138424b0e.jpgImage Source: Flickr.com

Cut him some slack, folks! With hair like that, anyone will be worried. Remember what beach air does to your hair? Then Donald’s alleged toupee is bound to go haywire. You will at least get funny photos with him, right?

6. He does not know how to click a selfie

media_gallery-2018-12-28-12-6_aa375770c27954cd915c771750ede833.jpgImage Source: Wikimedia Commons

One selfie and all his faults would have been forgiven! But, alas. It seems that Donald Trump does not know what his best face angle for a photo is and that’s why rarely takes selfies. (He should take some tips from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi when it comes to camera angles.)

I wish you or I will never come across a travel companion as dull as Donald!