Swim, Surf And Soak At Bali's Most Treasured Beaches

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Sunset cocktails, paradisiacal bays, and a never-ending lineup of water sports best compliment the crystal clear waters and salty swims of palm-studded best beaches in Bali. Loaded with places to give you the perfect salty hair and sun-kissed skin, this beachy wonderland is one place that lures numerous visitors from across the world every year. The island’s sublime shoreline provides the perfect blend of adventure and serenity with the many thrilling activities and the tranquil surroundings. So pack your sunscreen, put on that bikini and wrap around the sarong to jet-set at these divine diving destinations of Bali.

1. Meet the happening and chic side of Bali at the Semiyank Beach

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Dazzling white sand, lavish five-star hotels, vibrant beach bars, and happening clubs welcome you with utmost vigor at one of the trendiest enclaves of Bali, Semiyank beach. Making Bali a chic metropolitan destination, this beach is the one-stop destination to soak up the sunshine and learn surfing with lip-smacking food from the many restaurants dotting the sand. Buzzing with life, the Semiyank beach’s vibrant nightlife is sure to get the party going!

2. Experience the local charm and vibrancy at the Kuta beach

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Kuta beach is frankly not one of the best-kept secrets of Bali and is loaded with tourists throughout the year. But, that said, if you wish to experience the vibrant enthusiasm of visitors and get to know new people, this beach is your paradise. Stretching for about 8 kilometers, the white and grey sand of the beach along with beach massages, sunbathing spots, magical sunsets, and unique charm make this beach one of the top tourist attractions in Bali. Sun, sand, and surf are best combined here!

3. Spend some family time at the Nusa-Dua beach

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Along with an impressive endless stretch of powder white sand, Nusa-Dua beach’s coastline is adorned by five-star hotels, palm trees, and manicured lawns. With many places to cool off and recharge like shopping complexes, restaurants and watersports, this one is ideal for those family outings. Impeccably clean and calm waters await you with their unmatched serenity and tranquility at this all-inclusive tourism spot of Bali.

4. Indulge in lip-smacking food treats at the Jimbaran Beach

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Glittering expansive sands stretching for over 3 kilometers welcome you with their sultry vibes at this foodie’s paradise of Jimbaran beach. Serving piping hot fresh from the net fish and beachfront barbeques, this one is the seafood hub of Bali. Expect beach babes and surfer dudes being sun-kissed at this go-to destination for beachfront views. Bring along an acoustic guitar for those beachy vacation vibes!

5. Beat the crowd and relax at the Balangan Beach

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Surfers swear by it, ocean babies love it and tourists sunbathe beneath the loungers and umbrellas of this quiet and laid-back beach of Bali. This one is free of touristy beach clubs and a favorite among honeymooners providing a private patch of Bali beachfront. Blessed with waves ideal for both beginners and pros, the Balangan beach is for the backpacker types who prefer the cool and composed vibes over the happening party scenes.

6. Spend an easy-breezy day at the Sanur Beach

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Elegant old villas, beachfront cafes, resorts and a never-ending stretch of white sand is what Sanur beach is all about. While the 5-kilometer long coastal promenade makes for an interesting feature of this beach, the leisurely seaside provides for a family friendly, easy-breezy day by the beach. Rejoice flying elaborate kites, take a romantic bicycle ride or simply take a stroll with your partner across this quiet coastal district’s winding path.

7. Stunning setting and world-class waves await you at the Padang Padang Beach

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Calm turquoise waters, silky white sands, and surf-sized waves make the stunning Padang Padang beach ideal for an unforgettable Bali beachside experience. Bronzed surfer crowds, the rocky outcrop and cove-like waters lapping at its shore are sure to make you fall in love with this little slice of heaven. Stick around during the sunset as that’s when the beach’s magic really shines.

Stellar sunrises, mouth-watering food, exciting outdoor activities, and serene views is what Bali’s beaches are all about. So, pack your best swimsuits and get rolling at the postcard-perfect dreamland of Bali.