10 Restaurants In Rome To Treat Your Taste Buds With A Culinary Delight

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When people picture Italian food, they generally think of pizzas and pasta. But there’s so much more to Italian cuisine which undoubtedly is exceptionally flavourful. Different regions offer their unique delicacies and the capital city of Rome is no less. Constituting unique ingredients, dishes and techniques, restaurants in Rome make sure you never go hungry here. Whether desserts are your guilty pleasure or you crave for all things tangy, the eternal city satisfies every foodie. Make sure you try some famous cuisines from our top 10 classic restaurants that the Italian capital has to offer!

1. Have the classics with a Twist at Cesare al Casaletto

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This classic Italian restaurant in Rome is pure Italian magic and specializes in offering Roman classics with a twist. The food celebrates local culture and presents them in unique ways and the beverage list offers affordable and natural wines from Slovenia, France, and Italy playing with textures and flavor combinations. Pasta, delightfully crispy pizzas, and fried starters are brushed with sauces and served piping hot to make your experience at Cesare al Casaletto worth cherishing. 

Our Favorites: Pasta Alla Gricia, Pizza Rossa, Eggplant Croquettes, Shredded Beef balls

2. Go casual dining and experience typical local spirit at Roscioli

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The tide may have turned in favor of formal fine-dining, but visit Roscioli and you wonder why. Exposed brick walls, intimate main space, and a downstairs dining room create a fitting backdrop for the Roman classics made from ultra-refined ingredients. Typical local spirit awaits you with a deli-counter offering smoked fish, cheeses and salamis, and a wine cellar at this ultimate Roman deli-restaurant. Every dish offered is humming with flavor so snack on simple ones like Cantabrian anchovies or try the flavorsome delights like foie gras and you are sure to end up craving for more.

Our Favorites: Carbonara Roscioli, Pizza Rosa Roscioli, Cacio E Pepe

3. Go for an intimate dinner at the classic Antico Arco

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One look at the interiors of this place and you would want to head here right away. The ambiance with subtle lighting, cream-painted brick walls, and high-backed chairs makes for a contemporary and intimate setting. Handpicked raw materials surely contribute to making classics like risotto al Castelmagno con riduzione di Nebbiolo and white-chocolate tiramisu heavenly. Real-deal Roman classic buffs will love it here and the incredible wine list is a draw in itself. Book at least 4 to 5 days ahead! 

Our Favorites: Cacio E Pepe with Fried Squash Blossoms, Steak with Chanterelle Mushrooms

4. Experience Roman charm at Armando Al Pantheon

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A one-room Roman trattoria that drips with traditional Roman charm, Armando Al Pantheon serves the best of Roman specialties complimented by seasonal, quality ingredients. Classics like coda alla vaccinara and spaghetti ajo ojo e peperoncino are being served here since over 5 decades and are undoubtedly savory and satisfying. Embellished with artwork of artistic clients, this restaurant’s every course is worth a try. Book well in advance and jet-set to soak in the local delicate flavors.

Our Favorites: Puntarelle with Anchovy Sauce, Arciofi Alla Romana, Milky Burrata Cheese, Fettuccine Pasta with Porcini Mushrooms

5. Cheap food and local flavors best combine at Mordi e Vai

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Nothing beats street stalls when it comes to cheap delicacies loaded with authentic local flavors. Mordi e Vai is a stellar sandwich stall serving snacks and dishes intended to be eaten on the fly. Sandwiches stuffed with favorite Roman dishes like meatballs, beef and tomato sauce are some of the best-sellers on the stall’s menu. Everything is freshly made and raw materials sourced from the best of suppliers. This one is a treat you should most definitely not share!

Our Favorites: Fried Meatballs, Number 1 Panini Sandwich, Alessio Con Patate

6. Try the twisted cocktails at Litro

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There’s little in life that a glass of wine cannot mend. And in case of Litro’s natural wines, the tangy mix is sure to lift every low spirit. Pair this wine with cold plates like salad, cheese and charcuterie plate, lightly smoked tomatoes or bruschetta with Piennolo del Vesuvio tomatoes. With its modern shabby-chic ambiance, Litro’s twists of classic cocktails, light snacks, Italian liqueurs, and few hot dishes make it a favorite among the locals. 

Our Favorites: Anchovy, Hugo, Smoked-Chicken and Guacamole Panino, Platters of Cured Meats and Cheeses

7. Keep Calm and savor the flavor of Pizzas of La Gatta Mangiona

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If you are someone just like me who takes pizzas very seriously, you need to head to this top-notch pizzeria named La Gatta Mangiona. Crunchy pizza base made with special flours combine with toppings complimented by extra-virgin olive oil, edible flowers, and smoked mackerel to offer you world-class pizzas. Sunny trattoria decor and the noisy ambiance is ideal to grab a bite of these finger-licking pizzas with craft beer or wine.

Our Favorites: Fried-rice Croquettes, Dolceforte with Ricotta, Anchovies, Pan-Tossed Courgettes

8. Head towards Piatto Romano to taste authentic Roman classics 

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No eatery does classic roman like Piatto Romano. The place is not too fancy but nails when it comes to serving traditional Roman delicacies. What you come here for are the Friday fish dishes, Thursday gnocchi, seafood, pasta tubes, and the scrumptious desserts. Roman cuisine lovers get to taste authentic flavors of ettuccine with giblets chicken, arugiata fregnacce,  tripe, the amatriciana, and many others. So make your reservations and be ready for a flavorsome Roman ride. 

Our Favorites: Oxtail Stew, Artichokes Alla Romana, Spaghetti Alla Chitarra, Pajata

9. Innovative presentation and delicious delicacies at Metamorfosi

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Intricate beige and brown decor, trompe l’oeil games, well-presented food, and two tasting menus make Metamorfosi a top-notch fine dining location. Take the six-course menu and the beautiful combination of wine and food is sure to make you order a lot more. Innovation is what you will experience here and the dishes served will most probably be those you haven’t ever tasted in your life. This place combines the best of eclectic feel and fusion cuisines. 

Our Favorites: Risotto, Carbonara Egg, Soup-filled Pasta Pouches

10. Experience the soulful simplicity of local cuisines at Santo Palato 

media_gallery-2018-11-29-4-menu_restaurant_vintage_table_acf00a717049a62cb3fe4b98380275c9.jpgImage Source: pexels.com

Santo Palato goes beyond its polychrome décor offering a menu loaded with gems depending upon the present day market availability and a bright and welcoming ambiance. Futurist style posters, trendy aesthetic design scheme, decisive flavors, comforting food, and the daily changing chalkboard menu keeps the regulars coming back to this place. 

Our Favorites: Carbonara, Trippa Alla Romana, Amatriciana 

Pleasing experience, friendly staff, stellar, and tasty meal, all combine to make these restaurants the best ones in Rome. Let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments section. 

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