Get A Royal Treat At These Government Hotels In Madhya Pradesh Staring From Rs. 2000 A Night

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The state of Madhya Pradesh offers a wide range of government hotels owned and operated by the MP tourism board. There is a reason that Madhya Pradesh is called “the heart of India”. The affluence of culture, traditions, art, history, and natural beauty that belongs to Madhya Pradesh tunes up with the lyre of India’s glorious heritage.

This charm of MP gave rise to tourism and at present, attracts a large number of people from around the world. Therefore, the tourism department of Madhya Pradesh gave importance to establishing a perfect system of accommodation for budget travelers. Most of these hotels are maintained by Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation (MPSTDC). Want to know more about these affordable arrangements? Have a look at the list of top 10 government hotels in Madhya Pradesh. 

1. Malwa Resort Mandu

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Mandu, the ancient heritage city of Madhya Pradesh, is one of the most beloved destinations to every history buff. How about combining this historical tour with a historical stay? Malwa Resort by MPSTDC is where you will not only find closeness to many historical places in MP but also enjoy the lifestyle and cuisine of Malwa region. 

Best features: Awesome sightseeing and recreational activities

Address: Mandu Road, Near Sagar Lake, Mandav, Madhya Pradesh

Price: INR 2000 onwards

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2. Hotel Highland Pachmarhi

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An easy-on-pocket facility offered by MP tourism in Pachmarhi, Highland Hotel Pachmarhi will combine your happening holiday with a royal treat. Situated in a barrack that belongs to the British period, Hotel Highland is one of the hotels in Pachmarhi that epitomize luxury. Pachmarhi is a favorite hill station in Madhya Pradesh and Hotel Highland synchronizes well with its popularity. 

Best features: Picturesque location, British structure

Address: Near Sada Barrier, Madhya Pradesh State Highway 19A, Pachmarhi, Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh

Price: INR 2700 onwards

3. Tansen Residency Gwalior

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Located in the northmost part of Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior, the city of palaces, forts, and gardens, is where Madhya Pradesh tourism has flourished incredibly. As you explore the royal landmarks of Gwalior, you will feel an urge to stay at one of the hotels in Gwalior with a royal touch. In this case, Tansen Residency Gwalior by MPSTDC is the perfect option. The vantage location and leisure activities offered by the hotel add more to its charm.

Best features: Conference facility, Palace-like structure

Address: LNUPE Campus, Thatipur, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Price: INR 2300 onwards

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4. Holiday Homes Amarkantak

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Staying in the beautiful Holiday Homes in Amarkantak is all you need to stay close to the river Narmada. Amarkantak is known as the birthplace of Narmada and just a 10-minute walk from Holiday Homes will take you to the Narmada Udgam Temple. Neat and clean rooms, excellent service, and picture-perfect surroundings make Holiday Homes a perfect place for families.

Best features: Spacious rooms, proximity to Narmada River

Address: Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh

Price: INR 2000 onwards

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5. Narmada Retreat Maheshwar

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Narmada Retreat in Maheshwar always makes it to the best of MP tourism hotels. With large and well-furnished rooms, outstanding views, and a great sense of heritage, Narmada Retreat provides an opportunity to stay in the heart of Maheshwar and to be familiar with the Holkar period. Narmada Retreat also offers traditional tent-style cottages to the tourists.

Best features: Mouthwatering food, expansive garden

Address: Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh

Price: INR 2000 onwards

6. Betwa Cottages Orchha

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Orchha is another beautiful town in Madhya Pradesh with historical and religious significance. The river Betwa that flows through the town adds to its beauty. Overlooking the gorgeous Betwa River is Betwa Cottages Orchha or Betwa Retreat. The cottages offered by the resort stand as the symbol of Orchha’s simplicity. Whether you stay in a heritage room or a cozy tent, Betwa Cottages Orchha is sure to make your trip unforgettable. 

Best features: Great hospitality, outdoor pool

Address: Orchha Bypass Road, Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Price: INR 2000 onwards

7. Gateway Retreat Sanchi

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When you choose any of the MP tourism packages, Sanchi will be there as a must-see place. Home to the world-famous Sanchi Stupa, this little town has achieved a lot of attention from tourists around the world. Sanchi is a significant part of MP tourism Bhopal and as you explore the Buddhist art in Sanchi, Gateway Retreat Sanchi would be the best place to combine your historical trip with soulful relaxation. 

Best features: Delicious food, proximity to Bhopal

Address: Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh

Price: INR 2000 onwards

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8. Choral Resort Indore

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Located by the Choral Dam, Choral Resort Indore is one of the best government hotels in MP with stunning views. Although you will find many hotels in Indore itself, the Coral Resort Indore can be a choice for people who find solace in tranquility. 40 kilometers from Indore, Choral Resort features a 16-hectare private forest where you can get a glimpse of the diverse wildlife of Madhya Pradesh. 

Best features: Sports facilities for kids, a modern resort in the lap of nature

Address: Choral Dam, Thana Badgonda, Tehsil, Mhow, Madhya Pradesh

Price: INR 2000 onwards

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9. Baghira Jungle Resort Kanha

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Another popular destination included in Madhya Pradesh tourism packages is Kanha National Park- a wide forest expanse with a large number of tigers that provided inspiration for Rudyard Kipling’s "Jungle Book". Named after one of the characters in the same, Baghira Jungle Resort offers a pleasant stay amidst the jungle. Owned by MP Tourism Board, Baghira Jungle Resort is known for its excellent location and services.

Best features: Swimming pool, souvenir shop, and rustic atmosphere

Address: Chiraidongri Kanha Rd, Mocha, Madhya Pradesh

Price: INR 3790 onwards

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10. Kerwa Resort Bhopal

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The capital city of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, is home to postcard-perfect lakes, legendary mosques, and Van Vihar National Park that showcases the diverse wildlife of central India. However, if you want to experience the rural side of Bhopal, head to Medora, a village in Bhopal and stay at Kerwa Resort. A memorable treat by Madhya Pradesh Tourism, Kerwa Resort is a part of eco-tourism in Bhopal. 

Best features: Astounding views of the Kerwa dam and surrounding forest

Address: Mendora, Madhya Pradesh

Price: INR 2990 onwards

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To develop tourism in the state, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board has been promoting many budget-friendly resorts, guest houses, and holiday homes. Next time you plan a trip here, book these government hotels in Madhya Pradesh to experience a traditional and cozy stay at affordable prices.