An Extensive List Of Government Hotels In Maharashtra Starting From Rs. 1000 A Night

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Known as the “Gateway to the Heart of India”, the state of Maharashtra is God gifted with the picture-perfect curves of the western ghats, astounding villages of Konkan, and pristine beaches. As tourism in Maharashtra flourished, the Ministry of Tourism planned to provide accommodation for the budget travelers marked by a hygienic, clean, and healthy environment. This task was taken ahead by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) that owns and operates a number of beautiful MTDC hotels, resorts, and guest houses in the state. If you are yearning for budget hotels in Maharashtra, here is the list of government hotels in Maharashtra starting Rs. 1000 a night. 

1. MTDC Resort Tarkarli

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Tarkarli, a picturesque little gem in the western ghats of Maharashtra, offers an escape from all the hurly-burly of urban life. Its long stretch of white sand and Arabian waters not only make a perfect getaway for the beach-lovers but also provide a wonderful platform for the scuba divers. And, just a 3-minute walk from the Tarkarli Beach, you will find MTDC Resort Tarkarli. This simple resort is home to the bamboo and wooden cottages staying where is a unique experience in itself. 

Best features: Boat-shaped wood cottage and restaurant with a beachfront 

Address: Tarkarli, Wairy Bhutnath, Sindhudurg, Malvan, Maharashtra

Price: 1800 onwards

2. MTDC Resort Ganapatipule

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A picturesque town in Ratnagiri district, Ganpatipule is known for its centuries-old Ganpati Temple and stunning beaches. The open-air museum called Parchin Konkan is where dive deep into the ocean of Konkani traditions. When it comes to Ganpatipule hotels, nothing can beat the comfort and facilities provided by MTDC Beach Resort Ganpatipule. The resort offers direct access to the beach and is located only 5 kilometers from the Ganpati Temple. 

Best features: Facility for water sports, huge lawn area

Address: Ganpati Pule, Maharashtra

Price: 1200 onwards

3. MTDC Resort Mahabaleshwar

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Surrounded by the lush greenery of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, MTDC Holiday Resort Mahabaleshwar is what makes a stay in Mahabaleshwar an unforgettable treat. Perched atop the Sahyadri hills, Mahabaleshwar is a gorgeous hill station in Maharashtra with many legends and religious significance. While other Mahabaleshwar hotels can be an expensive affair for the budget travelers, MTDC Mahabaleshwar tariff makes it a perfect place to stay amidst the beautiful hills at affordable prices. 

Best features: Ayurvedic massage treatment available, playground for kids

Address: Near Mahad Naka, Bombay Point Road, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

Price: 1000 onwards

4. MTDC Holiday Resort Bhandardara

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Close to Igatpuri in Maharashtra, there is a small village called Bhandardara. Famous as a resort village, Bhandardara is a famous weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune. Overlooking the Bhandardara Lake is MTDC Resort Bhandardara, one of the best Bhandardara hotels. With 21 well-furnished rooms, dormitory, and cottages, MTDC Resort Bhandardara is the place to soak in the calm and serenity of the western ghats. The resort also features a restaurant serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals and has a large parking area for visitors’ vehicles. 

Best features: Mind-blowing views of the Bhandardara Lake and nearby hills

Address: Near Bhandardara Dam, Shendi Village, Akole, Bhandardara, Maharashtra

Price: 1000 onwards

5. MTDC Holiday Resort Karla, Lonavala

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This time when you are in Lonavala to watch the mysterious clouds of Lonavala, MTDC Karla is the place you should plan to stay. Just 19-minute walk from the MTDC Water Park, this beautiful resort is an ideal place for the travelers who choose tranquility over festivity. The cottages at MTDC Holiday Resort Karla feature simple furniture, clean air-conditioned rooms, and other necessary amenities. The best thing about the resort is that it is only 5 kilometers from the famous Karla Caves in Lonavala. 

Best features: Large verandah, separate living area, and garden area

Address: Lonavala Road, Karla

Price: 1300 onwards

6. MTDC Tadoba

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Who doesn’t know Tadoba Tiger Reserve? A wildlife safari in Tadoba is all that you need for the real jungle adventure. Located in Chandrapore district of Maharashtra, Tadoba Tiger Reserve is home to 88 tigers and other wild animals like deer, chital, and badger. To add more charm to your jungle retreat, it would be a great idea to stay at the Maharashtra Government Hotel in Tadoba. Located at the edge of the reserve, MTDC Tadoba is a blend of simple interiors and rustic living.

Best features: Extremely close to the reserve, great for budget travelers and backpackers

Address: MTDC Road, Moharli, Maharashtra

Price: 1500 onwards

7. MTDC Harihareshwar

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Surrounded by the hills called Harihareshwar, Pushpadri, and Harshinachal, Harihareshwar is a breathtaking place to be. Harihareshwar features some of the most peaceful and unspoiled beaches of the Konkan coast. While looking for Harihareshwar hotels, MTDC Holiday Resort Harihareshwar comes up as a budget option. The resort offers spacious rooms with basic facilities. Its restaurant is the perfect place to taste the Konkani delicacies.

Best features: Super deluxe wooden cottages, location next to seashore, great hospitality

Address: Harihareshwar, Maharashtra

Price: 2200 onwards

8. MTDC Resort Matheran

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When it comes to Maharashtra tourism, Matheran stands out as the most unique place. A carbon-free hill station in Maharashtra, Matheran is the best place to see the colonial heritage in Maharashtra and dance in the soothing rain. MTDC Holiday resort Matheran, with its colonial cottage style and neat rooms, is the place to get a royal treatment amidst the jungle. Only 3 kilometers from the town center, MTDC Matheran has many rooms and a beautiful garden area.

Best features: Multi-cuisine restaurant serving the local ethnic dishes, easy access to all the popular points

Address: Dasturi Naka, Near Railway Station, Matheran

Price: 1000 onwards

9. MTDC Resort Panshet, Pune

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Panshet is another weekend getaway from Pune favored by a number of campers, nature enthusiasts, and youngsters. But if you want to stay near the spectacular places in Panshet and enjoy a cozy stay, MTDC Panshet is a great choice. With mind-blogging scenery around and a walking distance from the Tanajisagar Dam, this resort in Panshet offers amenities like an outdoor pool, free parking, a restaurant and more. 

Best features: Close to the popular attractions of Panshet

Address: Panshet, Pune, Maharashtra

Price: 2200 onwards

10. MTDC Resort Malshej Ghat

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Malshej Ghat is, indeed, one of the most picturesque mountain passes in the western ghats of India. Come rain, and Malshej Ghat gets adorned with breathtaking views of the hills and valleys. If you want to spend a few days in the rugged hills of Malshej Ghat, book a room in MTDC Malshej. Apart from the clean and comfortable room, the hotel has a nice restaurant too. Besides, you would love the marvelous views of the valleys from the hotel rooms. 

Best features: Backdrop of the hills and forests

Address: Malshej Ghat, Khubi , Junner, Pune, Thitabi Tarf Vaishakhare, Maharashtra

Price: 1400 onwards

Staying at the government hotels in Maharashtra is not only a budget-friendly option but also assures that you enjoy the best of the Maharashtrian lifestyle. So, next time you are exploring the terrains of Maharashtra, make sure that you book an MTDC hotel in time.