8 Gorgeous Metro Stations Around The World With Spectacular Architecture

- Oct 06, 2022 - 3.7K Views

There lie extraordinary subway stations underneath the crowded streets that are known for their captivating beauty. It is hard to believe that these rock and metal structures can be anything more than noisy passages. But, some metro stations around the world have been converted into underground artworks over the years. Check out this list of such beauties that will fill your heart with awe - 

1. Formosa Boulevard MRT station in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

media_gallery-2018-11-16-13-Formosa_Boulevard_MRT_station123_aefe1f515d269aa19adc41809f7c8795.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

How would you like to visit the metro station that boasts of the largest glass work in the world? Formosa Boulevard MRT station will welcome you with its spell-binding ‘Dome of Light’ that has also become a top tourist destination in Kaohsiung. Designed by Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata, these 4,500 glass panels have redefined the metro stations and public art installations. 

2. Toledo in Naples, Italy

media_gallery-2018-11-16-13-Toledo_in_Naples123_00187ea7837d6f9866ac87b9f1e2b136.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

Photos like these have made me believe that Toledo Metro Station in Naples definitely has a hidden door that will take you to another universe. Designed by different artists and architects, this station carries the theme of water and blends it with soothing lights. That is why Toledo deserves to be on top of the list when it comes to beautiful subway stations in the world. 

3. Arts et Métiers in Paris, France

media_gallery-2018-11-16-13-Arts_et_M__tiers_in_Paris123_88f35fe817fe23e810696cf392616942.jpgImage Source: flickr.com

Step into Arts et Métiers and you will be transported to the fascinating world of famous writer Jules Verne.  It is designed in such a way that its every corner, every part will remind you of the fictional submarine - Nautilus. Some people say, and I would so love to believe that the submarine Captain Nero wanders the station after midnight.

4. Stadion Station in Stockholm, Sweden

media_gallery-2018-11-16-13-Stadion_Station_in_Stockholm123_b6ecc7214b44ada047a0e588656748e2.jpgImage Source: flickr.com

Stockholm is a city in Sweden that is truly dedicated to making its public places delightful. Stadion is one of the hundred metro stations in Stockholm that carry a cave-like design with a vibrant rainbow painted above. No doubt many people rightly call this network the longest art gallery in the world.

5. Komsomolskaya in Moscow, Russia

media_gallery-2018-11-16-13-Komsomolskaya123_d27a1c3b71d3a91bea6d3b522922e3a1.jpgImage Source: wikipedia.org

Komsomolskaya, one of the busiest metro stations in Moscow, is part-palace, part-terminal. The grandeur of this station is best experienced when its Baroque-style ornaments are illuminated with splendid chandeliers. Its mosaic ceiling is something that can never lose its elegance even after greeting millions of commuters every year.

6. Bund Sightseeing Tunnel in Shanghai, China

media_gallery-2018-11-16-13-Bund_Sightseeing123_58767b7784e25ae98df002150eca1588.jpegImage Source: avax.news

Do you know how it feels to travel to the core of the earth when you are surrounded by maddening lights? Hop on to a rail car in Shanghai that will take you through one heck of an audio-visual show. Of course, it is not exactly a metro station. But, that cannot stop this bizarre tourist attraction from being on this list.

7. City Hall Station in New York City, USA

media_gallery-2018-11-16-13-City_Hall_Station_in_New_York_City123_fc4f1a7f86992b95e0c2f5eb8245c3f9.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

Over the decades, many New Yorkers have forgotten about the abandoned City Hall station. This hidden beauty has been deserted since the last 70 years, but, is still one of the coolest subway stations in NYC. Today, you can take a tour of this impressive yet impractical platform if you want to soak in its surreal beauty.

8. Candidplatz in Munich, Germany

media_gallery-2018-11-16-13-Candidplatz_in_Munich123_24565200761933630d1cff76810df090.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

Candidplatz in Germany ranks amongst the best metro station designs with its crazy blast of colors. Walk around this structure that blends rainbow colors together and I am sure, Monday blues will never find you again!

Be it for traveling or simply for clicking photos, you can (and you must) visit these stations to make your Insta game strong!