Best Museums In Seattle You Should Not Miss Visiting

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Seattle is an abode to some of the most curious and artistic souls. This reflects in the impressive art scene of the city. The spectacular art galleries and museums sprawling through the city are proof of its rich heritage. These treasure-troves of knowledge are not just informative but also a visual treat for anyone who visits them. Here are some of the best museums in Seattle you must not miss visiting:

1. Frye Art Museum

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The Frye Art Museum is one of the biggest crowd pleasers in the city. The exhibits in the museum mainly emphasize on paintings and sculptures made in the nineteenth century and after. The museum keeps changing its permanent exhibitions and experiments with its collections. Some of the notable artists that have been featured in the museum are  Eugène Boudin, Franz von Lenbach, and Hermann Corrodi.

What’s best: Judgement of Paris by Franz Stuck

Best for: Art lovers

2. Seattle Art Museum

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A tour of Seattle is inconceivable without a visit to the Seattle Art Museum. This place has a mixture of both modern art and native and ancient art. The museum mainly focuses on Native American art. It has become a great platform for upcoming and talented artists. The Olympic Sculpture Park located just outside the museum is a significant feature of the Seattle Art Museum.

What’s best: Native American 

Best for: Artists looking for an inspiration

3. Henry Art Gallery

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Henry Art Gallery is located within the University of Washington Campus and has one of the most impressive archives of contemporary art in Seattle. The original gallery which was later renovated was opened in 1927, which makes the Henry Art Gallery the oldest art museum in the Washington state. The museum also features collections related to the history of photography.

What’s best: Test Site(A small gallery near the front door)

Best for: Contemporary art lovers

4. Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

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In keeping with its years-old reputation of excellence, the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture is a delight to anyone interested in natural history. The museum was initially established as the Washington State Museum in 1899. It is home to 16 million artifacts and also, the largest collection of spread bird wings in the world. 

What’s best: Life and Times of Washington State

Best for: History buffs

5. Museum of Flight

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The Museum of Flight hosts one of the complete collections related to the aviation industry in Seattle. The Museum of Flight is the largest private air and space museum in the world. With more than 150 aircraft on display, the museum manages to attract 500,000 visitors per year. The Personal Courage Wing of the museum has 28 aircraft from different countries which served in the World War I and World War II.

What’s best: Lockheed Model 10-E Electra

Best for: Students

6. Museum of History and Industry

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Popularly known as the MOHAI, the Museum of History and Industry is the largest private heritage organization in the Washington state. This museum comprises of many galleries including True Northwest, The Seattle Journey, Faye G. Allen Grand Atrium, Linda and Ted Johnson Family Community Gallery, and McCurdy Family Maritime Gallery. The collection of the museum has over 4 million objects having everything from textiles and artifacts to cars and aircraft.

What’s best: 1919 Boeing B-1

Best for: Everyone

7. Seattle Asian Art Museum

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Located in the historic Art Deco building, the Seattle Asian Art Museum is a pioneer of the Asian art scene in the Washington state. The collection of the museum consists of artworks spanning from the prehistoric times and originating in China, Korea, India, Japan, Philippines, and Vietnam. Though the museum is closed for renovation now, it intends to serve the history and art buffs from all over the world again in 2019!

What’s best: Rishabhanatha sculpture

Best for: Art scholars

These museums are bound to make your vacation fun and informative!