Time To Go To These Must-Visit Cities In Scandinavia

- Aug 27, 2022 - 1.8K Views

Scandinavia is the European region that includes Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. These beautiful countries make it a perfect holiday destination for those who want to explore Northern Europe. The combination of tiny villages, charming towns, and modern cities hold something for every type of traveler. Doesn’t it sound exciting already for your next vacation? So, here is the list of top must-visit cities in Scandinavia that will introduce you to its true beauty. 

1. Copenhagen, Denmark 

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Copenhagen, a small fishing village in the past, has transformed into a cultural and financial center of the country. This capital boasts of the colorful waterfront area Nyhavn, a plethora of museums, art and entertainment scenes, as well as 15 Michelin-starred restaurants. Take one of the Copenhagen tours and explore its historic center and famous Frederiksstaden to witness the true beauty of this city. 

2. Stockholm, Sweden 

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Stockholm is a wonderful Scandinavian city that is proud to be the capital of Sweden. It is the city of 14 islands and 50+ bridges that make it beautifully unique. Stockholm metro stations are a must-visit as these creatively designed tunnels make for the longest art gallery in the world. Be it the popular Gamla stan (Old Town) or a wide array of historic palaces, you will love every corner of this city! 

3. Oslo, Norway 

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The combination of expansive green spaces and different museums has shaped the city of Oslo, the capital of Norway. There are many reasons that make Oslo one of the best Scandinavian cities to visit. Its streets are lined with lively bars and bistros whereas every part offers something among the theater, sports, or cultural events. 

4. Aalborg, Denmark 

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A paradise for foodies and heaven for architecture lovers, Aalborg is still one of the lesser known cities in Scandinavia. Structures like Aalborghus Castle and Jørgen Olufsen's House are a must-visit here. Do not forget to check some of the best things to do in Aalborg while planning your vacation. 

5. Malmö, Sweden 

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When it comes to beautiful cities to visit in Scandinavia, Malmo ranks on the top. You will get to experience the blend of nature, history, art, and architecture here. Its cobblestone streets are home to quirky shops where you can buy souvenirs along with iconic buildings like Turning Torso that dominate the city’s skyline. 

6. Tromso, Norway 

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If you are interested in chasing the northern lights in Scandinavia, then a city like Tromso is your best bet. Go for Tromso tours and you will be awestruck by this colorful natural phenomenon. During the day, you can visit points of interest like Arctic Cathedral, mountain of Fjellheisen, and the village of Sommarøy.

7. Gothenburg, Sweden

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The city of Gothenburg is known for some of the best places to visit in Scandinavia. Nestled on the banks of Göta älv River, the city is an amalgamation of old and new. Its charming neighborhoods like Haga will surround you with the fragrance of freshly baked goods. Include Liseberg, Universeum, Gothenburg Botanical Garden, and Volvo Museum in your Gothenburg itinerary to have a memorable vacation.  

8. Alesund, Norway

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Elements of natural beauty and fascinating past have woven the city of Alesund. If you are looking for the best Scandinavian city breaks, consider this city for your trip and you will not be disappointed. It has maintained the charm of the small town and yet has evolved to be the modern beauty in recent years. 

Aren’t these cities perfect? Read about best towns and villages in Scandinavia as well and then decide your destination.