The Beauty Of Philippines And Its Many Undiscovered Treasures

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It’s no secret that Philippines is often called a tropical paradise. What really sells the place is its tiny flecks of islands, some 7000-odd, that are spread over its numerous tones of blue waters. The Philippines, or the Republic of the Philippines is an archipelagic country in South-East Asia and a popular holiday destination. Its idyllic beaches, secluded coves and emerald green rice fields have long roused the attention of global travellers – be it families, honeymooners, or nomads.

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The country is made up of a few thousand islands and so the easiest way to reach or move around Philippines is by hopping on a plane. The best time to visit Philippines? Honestly, you can visit all round the year but November to April is the most popular. 

The Philippines has never been easy to understand. Each place is so unique and abundantly rich that it would take a lifetime to scout its beauty. But you gotta start somewhere, right? Move over the regulars, here are some gorgeous places to visit in Philippines. This is as good as it gets!  

1. Batanes Islands, Cagayan Valley

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The northernmost province in the country, Batanes is untouched and kinda dramatic. Its complex network of tall vegetation, cliffs meeting the seas, crashing waves, and panoramic rolling hills will surely put this place on your travel bucket list. 

Here are some of the must visit spots in Batanes Islands:

  • Chawa and Mahatao Viewdecks
  • Liveng - the Batanes hedgerows
  • Imnajbu Road Cliff
  • Morong Beach

2. Mahogany Forest, Bohol

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This 2-kilometre long man-made mahogany forest is imposing, and in a good way. Thin trunks of trees stand tall and uniform creating a canopy of a lush mahogany forest which almost feels like an alternate reality. Drive past this area, and that’s it! It’s so beautiful that you will have a hard time leaving. You can also stop by to check out the Chocolate Hills, which is another major attraction in Bohol. 

3. Tubbataha Reef, Cagayancillo

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Only reached by liveaboard, the Tubbataha is a world-class diving site. A site located in the middle of the Sulu Sea, this park consists of two atolls - the Tubbataha North Atoll and The Tubbataha South Atoll. Its marine life is simply astonishing, housing over 600 species of fish and 300 species of coral. If diving is your jam, I suggest you head out to the Tubbataha Reef on your next trip to Philippines. 

4. Corregidor, Manila Bay

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Head to the Corregidor Island for an escape like no other. A small island of just 6x2 kms, this used to be the largest island that defended Manila during the WW2. Japanese, American and Filipino troops fought on this island leaving behind many historical monuments and items. Not a big history buff? There is also a forest and a beach on this island for you!

5. Vigan, Ilocos Region

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One of the best places to visit in the Ilocos Region of Luzon is the historic Vigan City. Vigan is a small yet renowned UNESCO-declared World Heritage City. Here you can walk down the cobble-stoned Calle Crisologo (Crisologo Street), particularly at dawn; explore the high ceilings and hardwood floors of the Syquia Mansion; take a heritage cruise down the Mestizo River; and stop for some French deserts at the Leila's Café on Calle Luna. Photographers will love their time here. 

6. Siquijor, Central Visayas

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Siquijor is a beautiful Filipino island in the Visayas that has so much in store for you. Beaches? Sure, but there is a lot more. Here are some of the interesting things to do in Siquijor:

  • Take a wild trek to the Lugnason Falls where 12 waterfalls represent each zodiac sign
  • Visit the St. Francis of Assisi that was built in 1774. Yup, that old!
  • Looking for a romantic rendezvous? Head to the isolated Kagusuan Beach
  • Click picture on huge bamboo bridges inside the Guiwahon Spring Park
  • Check out the 400-year-old enchanted Balete Tree

7. Mount Apo, Davao City

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Exploring this highest mountain of Philippines is an adventure of a lifetime. This potentially-active stratovolcano is situated about three and half hours’ drive from Davao City. Tourists, especially backpackers love scaling this Filipino wonder! Rising 2956 metres above the sea level, a canopy of various eco-systems, virgin forests, vertical slopes and rocky ledges await you at Mount Apo. Climbing this mountain is not to be taken lightly; the trails are many, choose yours wisely. 

8. Merloquet Falls, Zamboanga

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Located in Barangay Sibulao, Merloquet Falls are picture perfect. A zig-zag yet paved road will lead you through the forest to the lovely wall of cascading waterfalls. Tucked between lush greenery, these falls are easy to reach from Zamboanga City. Well worth the hike, the charm of the falls lies not in its gushing waters but the unexplainable calmness and peacefulness with which the waters fall down the many rocky formations. What more could one ask for? 

Philippines is definitely a must-visit if you want to let loose, relax and try something new. Plan a trip to Philippines and chill out for a few days.