8 Cities In The World Where Bold Is The New Regular

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There are several cities around the world where you can explore even your wildest sides that you never knew existed. From the bachelor's heaven Las Vegas to the notoriously famous Pattaya, we are coming up with the list of some of the world’s best bold cities. Everything that is taboo, weirdest, and strangest for some people, is real and regular here. So, if you want to get in touch with your adventurous-self, then these are the unabashed places in the world that you should visit. 

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands  

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Amsterdam makes sure to blend education and entertainment when it comes to boldness. Among the free-spirited cities around the world, you will find the Sex Museum and Erotic Museum here. With the infamous live intimate shows and the legendary red light district, Amsterdam pleases its visitors in every possible way. 

2. Tokyo, Japan 

media_gallery-2018-12-11-6-2_93a2240096e2d41cc923eaf4da5825fc.jpgImage Source: Wikimedia Commons

From the quirkiest love hotels to wildest adult-toys shops, Tokyo has it all. You will find maid cafes that are strictly not physical but strange enough to redefine this Japanese city. Visit M’s - the 7-story, fully-stocked largest adult entertainment store and you will realize why Tokyo deserves to be one of the top boldest cities in the world. 

3. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil   

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It is a crime to talk about kink and not include Rio De Janeiro. What’s not to love about Rio? The 'other' paid-services are legal, flashy clubs are ample, and happy-ending massage parlors are everywhere. And how can we forget the famous Carnival parade that holds a cultural significance and is also a visual treat?

4. Copenhagen, Denmark  

media_gallery-2018-12-11-6-1_5e7381961f038102d0d77cf108edfa59.jpgImage Source:Flickr.com

If you know Copenhagen for its vibrant nightlife, then you know nothing, reader. This sizzling hot city (no, I am not talking about the temperature here!) hosts the annual festival ‘Kinky Copenhagen’ that has stalls after stalls attending to every fetish imaginable. Private nooky parties and strip clubs also dominate the spunky side of the city.

5. Pattaya, Thailand  

media_gallery-2018-12-11-6-5_9c7f2b58b6911fea6a09f58b3620aa8a.jpgImage Source: Flickr.com

Pattaya has emerged as Vegas of the east in the last couple of decades. It has an enthralling combination of exuberant cabaret shows, eccentric go-go bars, amazing massage parlors, and of course, a vast prostitution industry that is actually illegal in Thailand. So, make sure that wherever you are going and whatever you are doing will not get you in any trouble. 

6. San Francisco, USA

media_gallery-2018-12-11-6-6_5b088ff7db65c0819007bdf19386fba9.JPGImage Source: Wikimedia Commons

San Francisco offers everything that is way beyond regular and is a daredevil when it comes to being bold. The notorious Folsom Street Fair where leather subcultures and BDSM culture is celebrated with much enthusiasm is yet not known to many. You will even get to see live dominatrix shows here!

7. Las Vegas, USA  

media_gallery-2018-12-11-6-7_18283a82c6b9c12e0ef6d3e999db2be2.jpgImage Source: Wikipedia.org

Las Vegas - a city so scandalous that it has rightly earned the reputation of being the Sin City. Every fetish you have, every fantasy you imagine, Vegas has answers for all. This largest adult playground has turned into a paradise with its numerous strip clubs, swinger clubs, and even places that celebrate practices like bondage. 

8. Mumbai, India 

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In a country like India where sex is still a taboo topic, Mumbai dares to explore it all. From the illegal markets of adult toys that are no secret to being one of the largest consumers of edible lingerie, this city has the potential to surprise you with its boldness.    

Thanks to ‘50 Shades of Grey’, we already know there is a whole new world outside regular vanilla. Now is the time to experience everything chocolate! Explore these bold cities to explore the new you! 

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