How PM Narendra Modi Travels Just Like The Rest Of Us

- Aug 24, 2022 - 2.5K Views

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, is known for many things and traveling is undoubtedly one of them. 40 foreign trips, 6 continents, 58 countries, and still counting - he is some kind of a super-traveler to have done this within a span of less than 5 years. I, of course, love how this is resulting in fine-tuning India’s image on an international platform. But, do you know what else I have realized? This globetrotter travels exactly like all of us! Do not believe me? Check these photos -

1. Candid? Fake candid? We will never know. 

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We all are guilty of clicking fake candid and it seems that PM Modi is no exception. The only relief is that he at least does not add hundreds of hashtags and cheeky captions while uploading those photos on social media. 

2. Jamming sessions with friends? Hell, yes! 

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Going abroad also inspires the musician in me. The only difference is - I do it at a random bar with my friends who are way too drunk to know any rhythm and Modiji does this in foreign lands with other presidents. Needless to say, PM Modi is the only one to receive an applaud. 

3. That’s how you wear traditional dresses! 

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Just like us, he definitely knows how donning traditional attires is in vogue. But, poor me, I have only a couple of photos of such dresses and PM Modi must have at least a hundred. After all, visiting numerous places has its own perks.

4. Who are we to ever doubt his posing game? 

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Apparently, no one can resist getting clicked in front of popular monuments, not even the prime minister of India. When in Rome, do as the Romans do - that’s what they say, and we believe every word of it. 

5. We all have a photographer hidden in us 

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I love how our PM always takes some time off his super busy schedule to take pictures whenever he is visiting interesting sites. And then there are other photographers to click photos when Modiji himself is behind the lens.

6. But first, let me take a selfie! 

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This is the most important lesson from none other than the master of selfies - Starting an important meeting? Exploring uber cool places? Meeting new people? Never forget to take a selfie, ever! 

7. Never misses a cup of tea no matter where he is 

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Being Indian and also being the most popular Chaiwala in the world, our PM is as fond of a cup of tea as we all are. I think, he also believes that who are we to say no to this heavenly beverage when offered?

8. Makes sure that even his friends are traveling right 

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You cannot travel with PM Narendra Modi and do it wrong. He will make sure that you are seeing all the important places and doing all the touristy stuff. Of course, layers of security and no waiting lines are an added bonus! 

Isn’t it cool to know that deep down even our prime minister is as enthusiastic about traveling as we all are? Keep an eye on his Instagram feed and you might find your next destination or even a ‘candid’ pose!