These Unexplored Honeymoon Destinations In India Outdo Even The Fanciest Foreign Hotspots

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This is it. THE HONEYMOON. An unforgettable, priceless, and the most cherished time of your life. But the question remains where? 

It has been a trend nowadays to travel to exotic honeymoon destinations abroad. But if you think it through, starting a new phase of life with a reckless splurge does not seem as much of a good idea. If you are someone who is wanting to save for something bigger in your future, India, the land of Kamasutra is the perfect love-nest for you! Okay, we get it. You want romance. But why is romance always associated with a sunset cruise and fancy dinners? Here is a list of some of the best, yet somewhat unexplored honeymoon destinations in India.

1. Khajjiar: Mini Switzerland of India

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Switzerland is romantic and everybody knows that. But it does not have the small town vibe like Khajjiar can be a great honeymoon destination in India. Watching saucer-shaped meadows and dense forests from your honeymoon suite? The only thing that could top this moment is never having to leave this place. The hotels like Mystic Village offer you the best ambiance amidst fragrant pine forests and solitude for a passionate honeymoon.

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You should definitely visit: Khajjiar trek, Khajjiar Lake

When to visit? March to October

Take a detour here: Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Dalhouise

 2. Auli: Wilderness of Alaska in India

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What is the first place that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘exotic’? It isn’t India for sure. But the gem of the Himalayan mountains is Auli is here to shatter all your prejudiced notions about India. The crisp and cold weather complemented with alluring landscapes are perfect for letting behind the craziness of your wedding chaos and enjoying togetherness. Wooden cabins surrounded with snow capped mountains make up for a perfect place to soak up in your partner’s arms.

You should definitely visit: Joshimath, Nanda Devi Peak

When to visit? November to March

Take a detour here: Nandanprayag, Gurso Bugyal

3. Jaisalmer: Antiquity of Morocco telling the stories of India

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Camping in the unending deserts of Jaisalmer will make you transcend the barriers of time and have the intimate moments with your significant other last forever. The royal resorts like Jaisalmer Marriott will make you feel no less that a king and queen. Jaisalmer is the perfect place to give a royal kickstart to your married life while celebrating love like the regals.

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You should definitely visit: Jaisalmer Fort, Sand dunes

When to visit? November to March

Take a detour here: Khuri, Kuldhara

 4. Lakshadweep: Forget the beaches of Tahiti

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The turquoise blue, sun-kissed beaches of Lakshadweep never fail to seduce couple with their beauty and calmness. The island is full of bewitching spots and resorts where a newlywed couple can totally escape the reality for a while and indulge in a passionate vacation with your one and only.

You should definitely visit: Agatti Island, Bangaram Island

When to visit? October to February

5. Malpe: The Mediterranean magic of Mauritius

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For couples that can’t seem to agree on one location, Malpe in Karnataka is the sweet spot.  A cosy houseboat ride with your beloved in the backwaters of Malpe is one of the most romantic things you can do on your honeymoon. The best part about Malpe is that it is scarcely crowded. So enjoy that once in a lifetime PDA, because you might not get to do that elsewhere! The sea facing resorts of Malpe are an epitome of solitude and offer you an unadulterated romantic time.

You should definitely visit: St Mary’s Island, Sri Laxmi Venkateshwara Temple

When to visit? October and December

Take a detour here: Udupi, Manipal

6. Chakrata: The Scotland of East

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Picture a quintessential hill station surrounded by the mighty Himalayan range, encase it in some charming hill retreats and plop a mesmerizing waterfall to top it all, you will begin to envision Chakrata as the perfect honeymoon destination for you. Ditch the crowd and highly priced hotels of Dalhousie. The secluded streets located atop lush green mountains are ideal for that unforgettable walk with your better half. The serenity and wilderness is perfect to know each other and fall in love with your partner more than ever!

You should definitely visit: Budher Caves, Sunset at Chilmiri Neck

When to visit? March to June 

Take a detour here: Chamba, Shimla


Experiencing a Deja vu here? Don’t worry, these honeymoon destinations in India will make you forget the foreign biggies. Happy honeymoon!